How to transition your day look to a date look

It's always nice to be able to wear something simple and casual during the day that can be sassed up for night.  A dress like this is simple and conservative enough for the office, but can also be dressed up with a pair of high-heeled shoes for a date night with the hubby.  To be honest, I'm really not that great at walking around in heels for too long, but I love them!  I can't resist a beautiful pair of pumps and I will tough it out as long as I can, then throw on my sneaks (usually after I have left dinner).  As you have probably already noticed, I'm also wearing the same pumps in this post that I wore the last two posts, because I'm emphasizing the capsule wardrobe, but I'll get back to that on a later note.   Anyway, I feel like high heeled shoes make my life way more fun, but I am terribly clumsy which is why I always carry around a pair of sneaks in my bag.  

Speaking of this bag, it's a pretty awesome vegan leather reversible tote that I put everything in.  You can flip it inside out and it's brown, or flip it back to black when you're bored with the brown.  It's like two bags in one!  Big bags come in and out of style, but when you have a kiddo, they come in pretty handy.  So why not throw in an extra pair of comfortable shoes?  

Now, going back to dressing up this look for a dinner date with your lover, or a happy hour with your colleagues.  All you have to do is take off the sneaks and put on a pair of pumps, and take off your jacket to show some skin.  As you can see, that is exactly what I did.  It was my husband's birthday and we wanted to make a day of it, so I wore my day look and when it was time for dinner, I switched it up to my date look.  Easy.  Obviously, if you're with your significant other, you can show more skin, but if you're at a work party or happy hour, tone it down a notch (maybe depending on your profession).  

What do you do to sass up your day to date look?  Maybe it's not a pair of pumps, maybe it's just some lipstick or wearing your hair down.  Whatever it is, have fun with it. 

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Ciao for now, Shelbi

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