What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The capsule wardrobe is basically creating a series of outfits for each season with a limited amount of clothing and accessories, usually thirty to forty items.  The clothing and accessories are mixed and matched to create multiple outfits rather than only wearing certain pieces with one another.

What is A minimalist's lifestyle?

Minimalism is basically about buying and using only what we need.  A minimalist does not overindulge and only buys the essentials.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area which is your typical urban area.  It's a bit crowded.  Most of us have small houses, small apartments and definitely small closets.  I created this blog as a resource for those struggling to piece together a wardrobe everyday and for those struggling to organize their small spaces.



Will you work with any brand?

I only work with brands who are making efforts in their ethical, sustainable or fair trade business practices.  In addition, because I'm a minimalist and capsule wardrobe blogger, the brands I work with will be limited.

What are your favorite brands?

I don't really have a favorite brand, because I really love to shop second hand.  However, if I do have to name some good ones, I would say Amour Vert, Mata Traders, Alternative Apparel, Levi's and Patagonia.  

What is clutter therapy?

This is what I do every few months to get rid of all the things I no longer have use for, or no longer need.