Urban Girl's Closet Minimal Capsule Wardrobe Blogger

Photo credit:  Katie Noel Photography


My name is Shelbi and I'm a minimalist in progress living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and toddler.  I started this blog after I had my son because I was feeling overwhelmed with the lack of space we had in our tiny living space being that we had this new baby in our lives.  After acquiring all the stuff we "needed" for our new baby, I couldn't find space for anything anymore in my closet, or anywhere else in our place for that matter.  Who knew getting a tiny new roommate would need space for so many things.  I began to feel overwhelmed and developed anxiety because we had so much stuff, but no where to put it. 

This dilemma is all too common.  Because most of us who live in urban areas have small apartments and houses, we also have smaller closets.  This blog is basically about building a small wardrobe for those working with a small closet.  The concept of building an entire wardrobe with a small urban space is how I came up with the name, Urban Girl's Closet

In addition to the capsule wardrobe, I also love ethical, sustainable and fair trade brands, which I will share from time to time, but only the brands I believe are trying to make an effort.

If you need help creating a minimal wardrobe, stick around for more ideas on building a capsule wardrobe, and get ready to learn how to create your own personal style from clothes you already own.

Cheers! Shelbi