Two ways to wear a sweater vest this fall

I know what you're thinking.  Sweater vests?  Yuk.  Are you thinking of an old holiday sweater vest from the 80's?  Fear not, as sweater vests are a great way to layer for this fall's crazy bipolar weather.  Fast forward to Fall 2016 and there is really a lot you can do with this piece.  As I've mentioned before, I basically work off a capsule closet and if you have a minimal wardrobe or closet space, there's a couple ways to wear this sweater.  The first way is with the black bodysuit I've been living in since the end of our chilly summer we had here in the Bay Area.  You don't necessarily have to wear a bodysuit, but I like to wear it because it sticks to my body without much movement, and I know I don't have to worry about making sure it's tucked in correctly.  I wore this outfit with two different shoes to give you an ideas on how to wear this look.  First, I wore it with my new fall booties, and then I wore it with a pair of black suede mid heel pumps.

Another way you can wear this sweater is by wearing a simple white button down underneath.  I like to wear a button down with a small collar that way it doesn't pop out, because I don't want to take emphasis away from the turtleneck.  Either way, each look is great for layering which we all know can be tricky in the fall with weather being an unknown factor.

Last, I know I mentioned that there are only two looks, but you can always take off the sweater if it gets too warm and wear either the button down or the bodysuit.  I've spared you a bodysuit photo since that was another post, but wearing a simple white button down with black shoes is such an easy classic look. I chose a long white shirt because I like how effortlessly casual it can be worn.  It's so simple and so easy, that it makes life a lot easier when we have only a few choices, but we still have a lot to wear.

Here are a few links for you to check out that will direct you to my exact outfit.

Sweater | Bodysuit | Jeans | White Button Down | Black Suede Pumps | Black Booties (similar)

Alright everyone!  That's it for today!  Let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe to my posts and to follow me on Instagram!

Ciao for now, Shelbi