Denim Dress Lovin'

Earlier this week, we took our very mischievous two-year-old son to the pumpkin patch.  This is truly my favorite time of the year right now because it's right before the crazy holiday season, the leaves are changing, and the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool.  It's even more exciting to share this time with a little one. Because the weather is still pretty bipolar, raining one day and then warm the next, I've decided to mix up my pieces a little bit.  I love denim and I love wearing it in the fall, but before winter comes and it's too cold to wear anything but jeans and trousers, I've thrown in a denim dress into the mix.

Denim dress
Denim dress for fall

With this denim dress in particular, I decided to add tights with my animal print flats because it's a simple modest look. There are a lot of denim dresses out there and there's a lot of ways to wear them, but this dress spoke to me.  Upon seeing it, I instantly thought of the 1960's, and even though that trend has faded, this look is still pretty classic.  And plus, I get to wear my trusty black bodysuit that I've pretty much been living in since the beginning of fall.  There's nothing wrong with that though because I'm all about creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe. When you think of what you need for your capsule wardrobe, think of a killer piece that can be worn in all four seasons.  Honestly, this denim dress is one of those items.  In a California fall and winter, it can be worn above as shown, and in the spring and summer it can be worn with a short sleeve shirt underneath, or maybe even just a tube top if you really want to go sleeveless.  Pieces like this are worth the space in your closet because they can be worn multiple times throughout the year, and that's what you need to think of if you're trying to be a minimalist.  

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Ciao, Shelbi