The Bomber Jacket

I usually steer clear from pieces of clothing that are super trendy for fear that I won't get much use out of it.  The bomber jacket has been going strong for several consecutive years now and it's a fun piece to add to your casual street style.  I love street style and have become a huge fan of the bomber jacket in fall and spring (including San Francisco summers) and I was happy to add it to my wardrobe this year.  Especially this olive green number I'm wearing!  It's a great color for fall and I'm already able to wear it with a lot of my clothes I've been wearing for this season anyway.    

If you don't really know much about this item of clothing, the bomber jacket is the original flight jacket and it's come in and out of style since WWII. The jacket was big in the 80s and 90s, and has made another comeback the past few years with celebrities such as Kanye West rocking the style as the bomber jackets own personal brand ambassador.  Remember the Members Only jacket? That too, is just an example of the flight or bomber jacket.  Even though it has evolved from a military essential and more as a fashion statement, this jacket is yet still another example of history repeating itself.    

Alright everyone, thanks for reading and to give me your thoughts on the very trendy bomber jacket for the capsule wardrobe.  Too trendy?  Yay or nay?  Also, don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven't already and follow me on Bloglovin'.

Ciao for now, Shelbi