Denim on Denim is always a good idea

If you know me, you know I love me some denim.  I'm California casual all the way and denim is the epitome of casual style.  Recently, I've been receiving a lot of compliments every time I wear a denim shirt and denim jeans together.  It's one of those looks that Jay Leno has been pulling off for decades, but I have to admit, before this year, it was uncomfortable territory for me.  I would always wear my denim shirt with black leggings and nothing else and it got kind of boring for me.  If my leggings hadn't been washed, I basically couldn't wear my denim shirts, so I got adventurous and jumped into the denim on denim deep end.  Now I'll never look back. This style makes sense too if you have a capsule wardrobe, because you want to be able to pull off a few looks for each item of clothing.  Can you pair an item of clothing with more than one other piece of clothing in your closet?  If you answered yes to this question, good for you!  If you answered no, try brainstorming, drawing pictures or using the polyvore app to figure out new ways of wearing the item with more pieces you already have in your closet.

One easy denim on denim look is wearing your denim shirt with the same idea of pairing it with black leggings, but with a black or a dark gray denim.  I'm all about a gray denim jean, because I can wash it as much as I want without it fading like a darker black denim.  You can ease into this look because you're not really looking for two pieces of denim that match exactly.  But seriously, finding a shirt and jean that match is seriously a wet dream, but I'll talk about that a little later.  In the meantime, if you're uncomfortable with denim on denim, you can try this look first and I'm sure you'll like this casual look.   

Another look is to pair a lighter denim shirt with a gray jean.  This is another combination that I feel pretty comfortable in, yet I didn't want to get too comfortable with the gray jeans.  I wanted to step out the box a little bit.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that finding a denim shirt and jean to match is like a wet dream?  I don't know how Jay Leno does it, but he needs to spill the beans because, I still haven't found the right combination and it's just driving me crazy!  However, I was able to pair this look above with a cardigan and this is the most popular of all my denim on denim looks. Friends and even random strangers tell me that they like my outfit.  It's all about trying new things that make you feel good, even without receiving compliments.  If you feel good about what you're wearing, you'll feel more confident, and it will make the rest of your day feel a little more fun!

How do you wear your denim shirts?  Any creative ideas you wouldn't mind sharing?  If you have any ideas, please post in the comments section.  I would love to know!

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Ciao, Shelbi