How to wear a bodysuit

This cold weather we've been having out here in the Bay Area has got me thinking about fall.  The past two days have been hot, but then the rest of the week is gonna be cold again.  This weather needs to make up it's mind because I'm really feeling the fall vibes already.  I've been putting ideas together for my fall capsule wardrobe and believe it or not, my inspiration is coming from the early seasons of Friends.  Oh, the 90's fashion used to crack me up a few years ago, but now I find it quite inspiring.  Especially Courtney Cox.  If you can think back and appreciate the high waisted straight legged jeans (or even baggy jeans for a while) and the tight shirts or body suits, you might like some of my posts this fall.

So if you're into high waisted jeans, my suggestion would be to pair it with a bodysuit.  I know, wearing a bodysuit is kind of like wearing an infant's onesie, and it's not fun when it's time to go to the bathroom either with the snapping and the unsnapping!  But once you have it on, take a look in the mirror with just the bodysuit on and nothing else.  You'll understand what I'm talking about.  Bodysuits are kinda where it's at if you ask me, and you don't have to be a ballerina these days to wear one.  And a couple of fun casual accessories you could wear with your bodysuit is a bandana worn as a scarf, or even a velvet choker which is great texture for fall.  Alright, so give one a try!  You'll look fantastic!  

Here are a few links for bodysuits to check out.

 Off the shoulder | Tank Top |  Sleeveless turtleneck |  Long sleeved turtleneck | Lace up drawstring | Long sleeved (This is the one I'm wearing)

Do you have any ideas on how to wear a bodysuit?  If so, please comment because I would love to read your feedback.  Also, please subscribe if you would like my newsletter sent directly to your inbox every first and third Thursday of the month.

Ciao for now, Shelbi