Last minute Father's Day gifts

If you're a procrastinator like me, you probably haven't even begun looking for Father's Day gifts yet.  Or maybe you didn't even know Father's Day was this weekend!  Eh hem...that would be me. But hey, it's not too late!  If you're bad at keeping track of important dates, here are a few helpful suggestions that will help you get organized for the weekend.  I have rounded up a few simple and very affordable gifts that your father, grandfather, husband, or baby daddy will absolutely love!  

Even though you're a forgetful procrastinator, doesn't mean that you can't pull it together last minute.  It's the thought that counts right!  And you still want all the men in your life who you love dearly to feel special.  One thing I would suggest is take a look at these items I have posted, and request a direct pickup at checkout instead of paying for the overnight shipping.  The link above is just one example of one of the department stores that provides this service, but most stores do have direct pickup when you checkout.  It will save you time and money, and probably give you a little piece of mind knowing that you don't have to worry about on time arrival.  I do it all the time because I might need a pair of shoes or dress last minute to go to an event, so I just order it and head on over to customer service and they have it waiting for me to try on and take home.  Easy, and kind of a life saver.  Thank you modern technology!  However, If you don't mind shipping it overnight, hey that works too!  Sometimes, your schedule is packed and you're too pressed for time to go shopping.  Do whatever you need to do to get through it!

Alright friends!  Have a great Father's Day weekend and hope you found something you liked!

XO, Shelbi

Passport Case | Bath Soap | Body Lotion | Tie | Watch | Monogrammed Tailgate Cooler with grilling tools | Shaving Kit