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This is my first blog post and I am very excited that everything has finally come together!  Because this is my first post, I want to discuss natural beauty products or what I call, clean cosmetics.  It's kind of my passion!  I'm constantly researching makeup and skin care and I have a list of natural brands that I'll cover which will work best for your skin.  I've had the worst complexion almost all of my adult life, which is why I'm very particular about what I apply to my face.  A majority of the products out there either break my skin out in acne or an itchy rash.  Basically, I've found great products out there of all price ranges that I've come to love dearly, and would like to share them with you.

One of the brands that I stumbled upon by accident a couple years ago and have been using ever since, is jane iredale.  Jane Iredale, the president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, is one of the leaders of the natural makeup movement in the United States and her makeup has been used in Hollywood since the mid-90s.  Finding this brand was a godsend because I immediately took notice of its high quality.  I do use several brands of natural makeup and I'm picky about what goes on my face, but I am gaga over jane iredale's 'Liquid Minerals' foundation and 'Longest Lash' Thickening and Lengthening mascara.  In addition to those two products, I have rounded up all of my favorite natural makeup by this brand for you and hope you try it so you can see a difference in your skin.  It's so hard to take the time out of our busy schedules to do the research and figure out which makeups are natural, so leave it to me!  I've got your back!

Liquid Foundation | Bronzer | Eye shadow | Mascara | Blush | Lip Balm

XO, Shelbi

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