Casual California Beach Day

I've been wanting to find a great full piece swimsuit to wear with white overalls at the beach and I thought by adding a little nautical touch, it would give this outfit some character.  The full piece has been making a come back for a couple years now for women of all ages, and I get why.  It's so sexy, yet classy.  And this beach outfit is so very California casual with a bit of a Cape Cod touch to it.  Of course, when I think of navy blue and white stripes, I always throw in a red shoe.  And I love me a pair of red espadrilles for summer!  In my opinion, that get up belongs together and is always a fun mix!  Plus, it's a couple days after the fourth of July and I feel like the red, white and blue colors are implanted in my brain. ;)

Alright everyone!  Hope you all have a nice four day week after the holiday!

XO, Shelbi

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