When to Borrow Clothes from Friends

Having a capsule wardrobe makes life simple, but at the same time, for certain occasions you might want to get a little festive.  Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have been wanting to wear an outfit with hearts.  Because it's the only time I'll probably wear it, I've decided to reach out to a friend and borrow from them.  Holidays and special occasions are perfect for borrowing from other people.  A few weeks ago I brainstormed and thought, "if I were a dress or a sweater with hearts, whose closet would I be in?"  Aha!  I knew exactly who to reach out to and struck gold with the first person I thought of, my longtime friend Erin.

I only have three friends whose closets I really admire for their effortless style, and Erin is definitely one of those three.  If I can compare her style to anyone famous, I would say it's Zooey Deschannel, but I'm not too sure if she would agree.  I recently sent her a text and asked her if she had any Valentine's day-ish clothing with hearts, and of course, she had a few adorable options.  Not only that, the two options that I borrowed from her, I would gladly keep in my capsule wardrobe and wear most of the year, believe it or not.  Job well done Erin!

Both dresses are black and white with hearts, but with different styles, fabrics and heart patterns.  I wore both dresses with black tights and my black booties, because that's pretty much what I wear everyday.  You should know this about me by now.  When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of romance, so I want to look romantic without wearing colors I don't feel comfortable in, like a soft pink for example.  Black or red is definitely more my speed, so wearing the black and white heart dresses and red lipstick or red pumps are more my style, yet I still find those colors romantic and pretty. 

Black and white Valentine's dress

Remember, when borrowing anything from friends you always want make sure you returned it as it was when you received it.  Take extra care of it and make sure you always put it in a safe place.  Some friends prefer you return their clothing washed and dried, while others prefer the items unwashed that way they can handle it with care themselves.  Always ask.  In addition, return it back to them as soon as possible.  Try not to keep it for six months, because at that point, the outfit could be out of season and that means they wouldn't have even had the chance to wear their own clothing.  Obviously this is all common sense, and it will vary from person to person, but remember to give your friend back her outfit, and hopefully she'll do the same for you.  :)

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Ciao, Shelbi