My #winter10x10 challenge experience

My last post a few weeks ago I gave a little rundown about the capsule wardrobe.  For this post, I'm diving in a little deeper and posting my experiment I had with the #winter10x10 challenge.  This challenge was created by another capsule wardrobe blogger who wanted to set up a challenge on instagram.  The challenge is basically to wear 10 items of clothing, putting together 10 different outfits for 10 days.  If you know me, you know I love a challenge, and I thought this would be a perfect way for you all to visualize a mini capsule.  

All clothing is counted as an item, except for accessories.  Scarves, jewelry, handbags and sunglasses were not included, which was great for me because I was able to add my black scarf to a lot of the outfits as if I was cheating a little bit to make the outfit complete.  

Here are my 10 essential items of clothing

1 coat, 1 pair of black booties, 1 pair of sneakers, gray denim jeans, black leggings, long sleeved white tee, long sleeved black and white stripe tee, chambray, black cardigan and black puffer vest.


Black cashmere scarf, sunglasses and hand bag

Alrighty!  Now that you know what I'm wearing, I'm going to show you how I put the ten items together to make ten outfits.

Outfit 1:  Black cardigan, chambray, gray denim jeans and black booties.  This is kind of my go-to uniform actually.  I wear this all the time.

Outfit 2:  Green coat, black and white striped tee, gray denim jeans and black booties.  Of course there's also the black scarf which doesn't count as an item of clothing.

Outfit 3:  Black cardigan, white tee, black leggings and black booties.  Very simple, but yet one of my favorite combos.

Outfit 4: Black cardigan, striped long-sleeved tee, black scarf, gray jeans and black booties.  Similar to outfit 2, but with a cardigan instead of the green coat.

Outfit 5:  White tee, puffer vest, black leggings and sneakers.  Again, this is something I would probably wear on the weekend for random errands or light exercise.  Because I would be wearing it all day, it would need to be included in my capsule wardrobe. However, if you're not running errands in workout or lounge wear, it would not be included in your capsule wardrobe.  It would basically be a freebie to keep in your drawers with your pajamas and undergarments.  


Outfit 6:  Chambray, striped tee, gray denim jeans, and black booties.  It's not my favorite outfit in this mini capsule, but the whole idea of this challenge is to be creative with what you have.


Outfit 7: Striped tee, puffer vest, gray jeans and sneakers.  This of course is very casual.  I'm blessed enough that my lifestyle is laid back and I can wear an outfit like this during the week.

Outfit 8:  Chambray, puffer vest, gray denim jeans and sneakers.

Outfit 9:  Green coat, chambray, black leggings, and black booties.

Outfit 10:  Green coat, white tee, black leggings and sneakers.  This is a very casual outfit I would probably wear on a walk or running weekend errands.

So what do you think?  Do you wanna give it a try too?  If you're really ambitious, you could post all your pics on my FB page.  The point is to be creative even if you don't like every outfit one hundred percent.  In addition, if you take pictures of yourself, you'll know if something doesn't flatter you the way you would like it to.

Alright everyone!  Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and to subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter if you haven't already.  

Ciao, Shelbi