How I'm Wearing My Favorite Sustainable Blazer this Fall


For the past year, I've been a bit obsessed with the plaid blazer, distressed denim and flats look.  I know I've told you I'm not into "fast" trends, but this look is one of those trends that I've been holding onto because I think it's something you can wear often enough to mix in with your capsule wardrobe.  Especially on a casual Friday at the office or, if your office is pretty casual in general, you could wear it any day.  I've also paired this jacket with a pencil skirt so you can see how it looks if you're in a more conservative work space.   Additionally, I also wear this jacket with a tucked in t-shirt and boyfriend jeans for an even more casual look.

More than anything, I decided to blog about this blazer because it is very special to me.  I bought it used at an Etsy shop here in the US.  God I love Etsy!  This jacket is actually a 1990s Giorgio Armani that I found for less than $30.  Eff yeah! 

First and foremost, I think the best way to buy ethical and sustainable is to buy used.  You can still get the good prices, and there's probably a great story behind the piece as well.  Second, try to buy it as close to home as possible.  Third, if you don't have the option to buy it vintage, you should choose ethical and sustainable brands that I have linked for you below.  I promise, they're linked at the bottom of this post.  Last, if you don't think you'll wear something like this in your wardrobe very often, or if it doesn't fit your lifestyle, ask around to see if maybe one of your friends has something similar that you could borrow.


When I saw this blazer on Etsy I actually had my eye on another one that wasn't as old, was made of polyester and was actually more expensive.  I searched all summer and then in August I was about to buy the other blazer.  I signed into Etsy and was scrolling down my favorites when I saw that it had been sold.  SOLD.  Ugh.  I hate that feeling. 

Even though I was crushed for a little bit, I decided to go back to the drawing board.  That very day I found this one, but I was still pining over the other blazer.  This was the second best thing in my opinion at the time, until this one arrived in the mail.  I then realized, it was the very best thing.  Insert heart emoji here.  It looked better than it did in the picture and it was so soft and the Etsy shop actually gave me a $15 discount because they said there was a flaw.  A flaw that I still haven't found.  Seriously, I've inspected it hundreds of times and still haven't found anything wrong with it.

I know what you're all thinking!  "It's a Giorgio Armani, of course it's better."  Yes, yes, you are correct.  However, just because something is designer doesn't always mean it's better.  I do like good quality pieces indeed, but until I saw it up close and personal, there wasn't any proof.  Also, looking at the picture I couldn't try it on, and touch the fabric.  There's always a risk when buying something from Etsy online, but not this 90s vintage Giorgio Armani.  It is legit.  

Anyway, as I promised, here are some ethical blazers for you to take a look at if you want to fit one into your capsule wardrobe.

Vintage Blazers on Etsy | Pink Blazer from kowtow | Reformation Lazer Blazer | Reformation Brown Lazer Blazer