Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe with the Cladwell OUTFITS app

Cladwell OUTFITS app

I just want to put it out there that I'm probably the grumpiest person in the morning.  Yup, guilty.  You can ask anyone who really knows me and they'll agree.  Another thing you should know about me is that I don't function on coffee.  It actually does the exact opposite to my body of what it's supposed to do.  It make me feel really scatter brained and unorganized like Tyrone Biggums on the Chappelle Show, so I don't even bother drinking it.  Basically, I'm a complete shit show until 9 am, so for about the first three hours after I wake up, I'm pretty much zombie mommy, but I don't remember anything I've said or done until 9 am.  I'm kind of like that girl who always blacked out in college for about three hours at every party and would randomly snap out of it claiming that she didn't remember anything.  I'm the same, but without any alcohol the first three hours of waking.

Now that you know that mornings just aren't my thing, let's talk about how capsule wardrobes simplify mornings for me, and one product that has been super helpful throughout the process.  This past summer, Cladwell reached out to me and they asked me if I wouldn't mind trying their OUTFITS app for free to see what I thought of it.  I was instantly excited to try it because this app was created for people who have capsule wardrobes.  It was created just for us, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I immediately downloaded the app, started updating my similar clothing pieces, and knew that this app could start choosing my outfits for me every morning!  While I'm in mommy zombieland, this app will literally do all the work for me!  Seriously, one out of my ninety-nine first world problems, has been solved.  Yesss!

Cladwell OUTFITS app
Cladwell app

They actually allow people to sign up for free for three days so they can see if they like it or not.  I was thinking it was going to be complicated, but it's super easy.  You have the choice of adding pieces that are in their database, or adding your own pieces as well.  You add your location so it knows your weather that way you don't roll out of the house in a sweater when there's a hot spell.  It populates three outfits a day for you to choose from and you choose whatever you want to wear.  Or in my case, you choose whatever is clean.  ;)

There's also the option to store things that are out of season in the app.  So you store it, and it takes it off your list of items to wear until you unstore it. It's like having your own capsule wardrobe stylist that makes sure you walk out of the house looking like a proper lady.  However, it does populate some outfits that aren't really my style, but I'm able to refresh them and it creates a new outfit for me.  Kind of like magic.  It's quite genius actually.

Alright, here is the link for you to check out Cladwell Daily Outfits.  When you click on the link you can actually watch their video to see how it all works .  It's pretty intuitive and I wouldn't suggest you try the the app without trying it out myself first.  Seriously, if you're like me, you're so gonna geek out for hours!  Even if you don't have a capsule wardrobe, it's still a great way to organize all the pieces in your wardrobe.  OUTFITS doesn't discriminate.  It's here to populate outfits for you.

Until next time my friends!