An interview with Lo from Capsule Closet

Lo from Capsule Closet blog

Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you created a capsule wardrobe and why you created your blog, Capsule Closet.

I originally started Capsule Closet as a closet journal, purely as a record for myself and without much regard to whoever was reading it. I was trying out capsule wardrobes for the first time and found it really helpful to organize my clothes and outfits visually, so blogging seemed like a good medium for my layouts and thoughts, and I treated it as a very personal project. As I learned more about ethical fashion (and unethical fashion), I made responsible makers and slow fashion more of a focus. Now that I've connected with so many wonderful people in the lean closet + ethical fashion internet community, I'm taking it a bit more seriously and hoping that my blog can be a resource for others or even just a conversation with others.

Interview with Lo from Capsule Closet

I live in LA and work as a Visual Effects Producer at a post production house with a very casual dress code, so my wardrobe is super relaxed, but I'm still obsessed with clothes. I'm a bit of a homebody, and spend a lot of time watching TV and movies. I have a degree in Screenwriting, and I write with my husband, who also directs. Last year we produced a feature together, which was both thrilling and intense. I love traveling, and strategic packing is part of my joy.

What are your biggest struggles of maintaining a capsule wardrobe?

I really struggle with practicing restraint in shopping. I'm always going to want to try new trends every once in a while, but I'm trying to get better about prioritizing items I really need over ones that I want and keep my wardrobe lean.

Describe your style to us and how it has evolved in adulthood.

Lo from Capsule Closet

I still use the term "tomboy" to describe my style, but what that means to me has evolved a lot even over the last few years. I used to live in sweatshirts, joggers, and sneakers, and while those are all still mainstays of my closet, I've started embraced a few more feminine and polished looks. I guess I'm feeling more "grown up" now, and as my understanding of gender itself has expanded, I'm feeling more comfortable trying things without feeling like I beholden to a single definition of "tomboy." Tomboy can be dressy sometimes, and even glamorous. I would say my style is relaxed, above all.

I love your style so much.  You remind me of a musician’s girlfriend or a famous celebrity in a tabloid.  Where do you find your inspiration?  Or is it just something that just naturally comes to you?

Thank you! I love Pinterest for street style inspiration, blogs like Death by Elocution and Fash-n-Chips, and I have a few really cool friends whose style I've shamelessly copied. I've always just been attracted to really comfortable and practical clothing, which is probably why I've always gravitated toward "boyish" styles.

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What are your favorite brands and why?

I love Everlane because of their transparency, quality, and most of all, affordability.  I think it's so easy to feel priced out of ethical fashion, and I love that their business model keeps prices reasonable.  I admire everything Elizabeth Suzann makes, and have a pair of Clyde pants that I really believe will last a lifetime.  She's so good at sharing the stories of her brand on Instagram, too.  Vetta and Esby are both wonderful sources for the coolest design that keeps sustainability in mind.  

My favorite denim is consistently from Levi's, so I always shop their WaterLess line, which offers certain washes that are produced with water-saving efforts.  For shoes, I'm really loyal to Converse and Vans because they're so classic and Birkenstock because they're soooo comfortable.  

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What color palette do you gravitate to and why?  For which seasons?

I'm wildly inconsistent on this front! My favorite outfits are usually all-neutral--they feel the most classic to me--but I kind of get into all kinds of colors. But I love pink and baby blue in the warmer months. I like olives and deep reds in the colder months. Right now I'm wearing amethyst and oxblood as my "winter" colors.

Any favorite celebrities whose style you swoon over?

I love Tracee Ellis Ross. Diane Keaton is also an icon I reference constantly.

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When looking for something new (or used) to add to your wardrobe, where do you look first?

I look at secondhand sources first. For me, that usually means eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Tradesy, and ThredUp, but I'm going to try to take advantage of the physical thrift and vintage shops I have around me in West Hollywood in the coming year.

I love all your visuals and how you break down all your pieces for every season on your blog.  Do you shop for missing capsule pieces all at once, or do you gradually add to your collection?

I add gradually, usually prioritizing where the best or most urgent place to put my money is.  I don't have hard and fast rules about when I shop, and I also try to sit on purchase decisions for a while if I'm eyeing something--it helps me determine how much I really want it and it allows me to wait for sales before pulling the trigger.  

I recently read in one of your blog posts that winter is your least favorite season to dress for.  What pieces are you most excited about in your capsule this winter, and which ones are you the least excited about?

I'm most excited to wear my big jackets and coats! I didn't have much occasion to wear any of them in the fall, because we had such a hot season in Southern California. I'm also currently excited to wear more black and navy, but I anticipate that a little will go a long way, because that's what I'm usually sick of by the end of the season.

LA relaxed style with Lo from Capsule Closet

What is your favorite season for clothing?

I probably love Spring the most. It always feels so fresh and crisp, and I always get excited about embracing a little color in light fabrics in the spring.

Like me, you live in California.  The weather for you is mostly spring or summer in comparison to the rest of the country.  How does this affect you when creating a seasonal capsule?

It's something I definitely have to keep in mind when I'm putting together fall and winter capsules, because I always have the idealistic instinct to be dressing for more "traditional" seasons. I have to make sure I keep some warm weather options at arm's reach at all time, because you never know when it's gonna be 85 degrees in January. In practice, it does simplify things a little bit, because it will never get cold enough for me to need to buy heavy-duty winter coats, boots, and accessories.

An interview with Lo from Capsule Closet

Lo lives in Los Angeles, works in a super casual office as a Visual Effects Producer, and digs minimalist tomboy style.  She blogs about capsule wardrobes and sustainable fashion at  In addition, she loves watching movies, cooking shows, and Harry Potter.  You can find her on Instagram where she posts daily outfits and inspiration.