A Sustainable Mother's Day Gift with Jord Watch + Giveaway

As a mother, I always stay pretty busy and I'm usually pressed for time.  My little boy is growing so fast and I finally understand what everyone means when they say "it" goes by so quickly.  When life passes you by, you need a unique watch that is also chic and reliable to help keep you punctual.  With Mother's Day right around the corner, I've partnered up with Jord watches (Pronounced Yoad) for a special Mother's Day post and giveaway!

unique watch
Jord watch_women's watch

The Jord watch would make a very unique Mother's Day gift and this is why.  First, it's sustainable!  Say what?!  Most of the wood to make these watches comes from furniture remnants.  Ultimately, they use reclaimed wood and waste wood to make these exquisite time pieces.  Not only that, their koa wood comes from damaged koa trees that have been brought down by a natural weather event.  Shall I continue?  All employees are trained adequately, treated and paid fairly for all their positions.  Additionally, all of their watches are treated with natural substances and no hazardous chemicals.  Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Second, this brand has a large variety of men's watches and women's watches and would make a great engraved gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or even for any upcoming high school or college graduate.  It's such a cool watch for everyone because there are so many different choices for people with all different styles and tastes.  I chose the Frankie Series Zebrawood & Champagne piece because it's the one that immediately caught my eye.  I love the color and I think it looks so chic, but earthy at the same time.  

Jord watch_cool watch

So, how can you get one of these bad boys on your wrist?  This is your lucky day my friends, let me tell you how.  But first, please read the details.  You enter your information in the giveaway link below, but only one lucky winner will receive a $100 e-gift card toward a Jord watch of their choice!  It could be you!  Even if you don't win the watch, you still win!  Let me tell you how.  You still receive a $25 discount toward the watch of your choice.  Let me repeat, everyone who enters receives a $25 discount toward any Jord time piece.  It's a worldwide giveaway which means anyone can enter.  See, I told you this was your lucky day.  Alright, click the link below to enter your information for the giveaway.

Click the GIVEAWAY LINK right here!!!

Alright, everyone!  Good luck I really hope you win and if not, remember you still get $25 off one of their watches if you click on the link above, but just make sure you do it as soon as possible before the giveaway expires by the end of this weekend.

Ciao, Shelbi