Becoming an ethical style advocate

I love minimal wardrobes which is why I think I love the capsule wardrobe so much.   However, when you buy small batch, you're just hitting the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many other things to consider when striving for an ethical wardrobe and I'll do my best to get you there.  

I will mention, I have bought my fair share of ethical pieces that are shit, and I would never promote any product that I don't have major respect for.  

Other than buying second hand, buying ethical and sustainable is new to me. Finding brands that provide a safe working environment while also paying their employees fair wages is the first thing I look for when shopping.  Second, the brand's initiative for sustainability, such as saving water would be something I look for as well.  Also, the type of fabric is important too, but that also falls under their sustainability because a lot of man made material is terrible for the environment.    


Amour vert

Amour Vert is probably my favorite ethical brand because their styles are so classy that they seem almost trendy.  They have the cutest dresses and their classic pieces will make you feel very chic and modern.


Reformation is another brand I love.  They always have fun pieces, but most of all, I love their jeans.  I don't know what they're really known for, but I'm saying, go check out their jean selection.

alternative apparel

Alternative Apparel has a very casual line of clothing for men and women. They're all about hoodies, tank tops and other casual wear.



Yes, believe it or not, Levi's have been striving for years to be a more sustainable company.  They're a huge company and their efforts for water sustainability make their factories a greener leader than most. 

mata traders

Mata Traders is a fair trade company, which means that all the artisans designing and creating their pieces are paid a fair wage. They have well priced items with a variety of the most darling skirts and dresses.  

Stella mccartney

Stella McCartney is a brand that I consider to be very luxurious.  However, if you're wanting to buy something high end that you want to last for several years while also being sustainable, I think Stella McCartney should be the brand of choice.



Patagonia is a clothing company mainly for outdoors gear and active wear.  They have warm coats and jackets that are great for camping, which is why this line is great for the adventurous ones! And because most of their clothing line is meant for the outdoors, they do use a lot of polyester and nylon, but it's mostly recycled polyester and nylon in addition to organic cotton. They also have adorable swimsuits made from recycled polyester as well.

people tree

People Tree is a fair trade and sustainable brand with quirky English styles.   They also have amazing prices!  I love it when brands go through all the love of producing ethical products, and then sell it all at fair prices. 


NOVICA is a brand for people who appreciate handmade items such as jewelry and home decor.  All the workers are paid fairly and the organization is associated with National Geographic.