My name is Shelbi and I'm a minimalist in progress living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and toddler.  I started this blog because I've always had my own fun little style, and wanted a creative outlet to express it.  However, I didn't actually get the motivation to start this blog until after having a baby, when I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clothing and random stuff I had that I couldn't find space for anymore in my closet.  Who knew having a tiny new roommate would need space for so many things.  I began to feel overwhelmed and developed anxiety because we had so much stuff, but no where to put it. 

This dilemma is all too common.  Because most of us who live in urban areas have small apartments and houses, we also have smaller closets.  This blog is basically about building a small wardrobe for those working with a small closet.  The concept of building an entire wardrobe with a small urban space is how I came up with the name, Urban Girl's Closet. 

This is where the capsule wardrobe comes in.  This idea is basically working with 30-40 pieces of seasonal clothing (minus accessories) that can be worn interchangeably with each other.  Ultimately, when every item in your closet can be worn with any other piece, it makes your wardrobe effortless that way you're not looking in your closet every morning wondering why you have nothing to wear.  Capsule wardrobes of course should be changed a bit from season to season.  I don't mean to purge your whole wardrobe every season.  Just put away non-seasonal items and add to the seasonal wardrobe with some old and some new items.  Even if you have a large house with a walk-in closet and you still feel as if you have nothing to wear, the capsule wardrobe would be an excellent concept for you because it relieves time and stress.  

In addition to the capsule wardrobe, I also love ethical and sustainable brands and will be sharing the ones that truly are doing their part by not adding toxic chemicals to their products, or doing unethical activity.  Part of a minimalist lifestyle is not only shopping light, but also looking for brands that have the smallest environmental footprint.  I think this is my favorite part about having a blog, because I can share all of the brands I have researched that are better for your body, and the environment.   

Alright , I would love it if you became a regular visitor of this site, or better yet, even a subscriber.  You're also welcome to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  So stick around for more fun and adventures to come!

Ciao, Shelbi